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At EKC Systems Ltd. we strive to offer the best quality equipment money can buy. With this in mind we are delighted to have joined forces with 3Rs, the leading French manufacturer, to introduce into the UK and Ireland a range of compression testing machines, for the testing of concrete cubes, concrete pipes etc. Ranges of automatic wire/strand pushing machines are also available. We are able to undertake the calibration and servicing of most manufacturers equipment and carry a comprehensive range of the commonly used spares. Please click here to visit their website.

Cube Crushers and Quantris Control Systems

Compression Test Machine Picture

Quantris automatic control and measuring console. Automatically controls up to 4 different load frames using a single hydraulic power pack. The unit automatically prints out the test results for ISO EN 9000 records. This unit can be used for use with any make of testing machine and can be utilised to upgrade existing equipment.

2/3 column equally distributed compression testing machine for cubes, cylinders or blocks. Fully machined frame, with safety guards and fast centring device for cubes and cylinders.

  • Force available:
  • 800kN-1500kN-2000kN-3000kN-4000kN

Stationary & Mobile Wire / Strand Pushers

Modile Wire / Strand Pushing Machine Picture Stationary Wire / Strand Pushing Machine Picture

RP6 EMO Mobile Wire / Strand Pusher

  • Mobile frame with protection covers
  • Control Cabinet with PLC.
  • Remote radio control for manual mode.
  • Patented driving device with 6 rollers to avoid slippage.
  • 3 or 5.5 kW motor, linear speed 60 m/min. or 120 m/min.
  • Hydraulic power pack: 6 I/min.

RP6 EMA Wire/ Strand Pusher

  • Same as RP6 EMO but with stationary frame.
  • Guiding patented channel for wire 4-7mm or strand 8-12.5mm.
  • Patented design for pushing up to 160 Mtr. Length.
  • Ejection device with double acting ram and safety limit switches.
  • Cutting by double acting hydraulic cutter. 120kN load with safety limit switches.

Hydrostatic Testing Machine

Hydrostatic Testing Machine Picture

Hydrostatic testing machine for water pressure test of 2 concrete pipes 300mm to 1600mm diameter including deflection device, according to EN 1916. Tests have to be made with up to 0.1 MPa water pressure. Hydrostatic testing machine is equipped with obturator holders on each end, 4 Vee rollers to support the pipes and a movable head to disconnect or fit pipes and obturator together. Movable head and deflection devices are hydraulically operated.

Testing Machine for Concrete Pipes

Testing Machine for Concrete Pipes Picture
  • Supplied with self restraining frame (no civil works required)
  • Upper crossbeam raised by electric winch with remote control.
  • Double acting ram with 350mm stroke for pipes up to 2000mm Dia.
  • Maximum length 3200mm. Sizes Available: 280kN - 500kN – 800kN - 1000kN - 1500kN