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Paul have been building machinery and accessories for the manufacture of prestressed concrete for over 40 years in close cooperation with users from all over the world. In 1959 Paul delivered the first single-wire stressing jack for the production of HP roof shells with the then revolutionary two-button operation, and, with this development, laid the foundation stone of a successful future.

Expanded and extended, step by step over the course of years, the available product lines today cover a broad range of machines and accessories for the different processes in the production of prestressed concrete. Paul are able to supply you with all the machines and accessories for efficient prestressing. The wide choice of stressing jacks, pump units and detensioning cylinders for various prestressing forces is supplemented by useful devices such as steel cutters or strand pushing machines which greatly ease the daily concrete working jobs.

For prestressing on the construction site, we offer a wide range of accessories, which are easily transportable and are consequently flexible in use. They include portable and wheel-mounted pump units, large strand pushing machines with pneumatic tyres, plus cable or radio controls and many more. Please contact us with your special requirements.

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Prestressing Jack and Pump Unit Picture

Prestressing Jack and Pump Unit

Detensioning Pump with Rams Picture

Detensioning pump with rams

Prestressing Jack and Pump Unit with Counter Balance Picture

Prestressing Jack and Pump Unit with Counter Balance.