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At EKC Systems Ltd we strive to offer the best quality equipment money can buy. With this in mind we are delighted to represent Elematic, a world leader in their field. Supplying the UK and Ireland with a vast range of products and services with a major support network for all products and software. Please click here to visit their website.

Extruding machines

E9-1200eExtruder Picture S5 Extruder Picture Extruded Hollow Core Picture

Elematic extruders are superb machines used for producing prestressed hollow-core slabs on long beds using extrusion method. A great variety of cross-sections are available for various applications.

Extruder E9-1200e utilizes shear compaction that adjusts to concrete properties. It makes full use of the technology since all shearing power goes into the concrete rather than vibrating the machine. This state of the art compaction results in hollowcore slabs with high load-bearing capacity and exceedingly accurate dimensions on height and voids.

  • Cost-efficient and flexible production
    • All settings are saved and used automatically when changing nozzle modules
    • 12” touch screen with intuitive menus
    • Online troubleshooting for direct support from Elematic Help Desk is possible
    • High casting speed
  • Superior slab quality
    • Is achieved by controlled shear compaction
    • Data is recorded and stored for optimal monitoring and control
  • Long equipment lifetime
    • Sturdy construction
    • High-quality and easily accessible wear parts
    • Designed for easy maintenance and cleaning
    • Software for preventive maintenance (planning and follow-up)

Slip forming machines

Slip Former Machine Picture Slip Formed Hollow Core Picture

Slipformers from Elematic are ideal for the manufacture of many different kinds of pre-stressed products, from hollow-core slabs and solid floor planks to ribbed slabs, beams and even vineyard posts. Our slipformers are ideal in cases when there is a need for especially thin products, or when there is a need to quickly change product specifications or change to new products. Other Elematic slipformer benefits include fewer parts and less need for maintenance. The Elematic slipformers are: X-Former - the basic multiproduct machine (sold as Elematic Slipformer EF5000 in the USA), Elematic Slipformer EF5200 for 2400mm wide products and SlipMaster the slipformer for hollow-core slab production that changes thickness on the fly.

  • Greater durability
  • Quick change of product specifications
  • Quick change to new products
  • All electronic
  • Environment and user friendly

Concrete Distribution Systems

Shuttle Picture Concrete Distribution Picture

Elematic concrete distribution systems transport concrete to the casting station of a precast factory. The system consists of tracks and shuttles, the track is electrified and the system functions automatically.

The tracks can have slopes and curves and can include devices for the transfer of shuttles from one track to another. Our distribution systems suit all production capacities and are excellent for new and existing factories alike.

Elematic offers a wide range of shuttles and overhead bucket gantries to suit customer needs.

  • Available for any capacity
  • Excellent for both existing and greenfield plants
  • Fully automated operations
  • Possibility for slopes and curves
  • Speed up to 180 m/min

Elematic Saw E9-500

Saw E9-500 Picture Cut Hollowcore Picture

The Elematic Saw E9-500 saw is designed for cutting prestressed products such as hollow-core slabs, T-beams, and half slabs. It is the right solution for a producer who needs automated cross, Longitudinal, and diagonal cutting. Elematic cutting technology is based on completely modern and safe design, utilizing the latest electronic controls.

  • Automatic and user programmable cut cycles
  • Product-specific cut programs correct parameters, e.g. according to strand number, enabling optimized cutting
  • Blade cover programmable to bypass, for example, additional reinforcement or lifting loops above the slab top cover
  • Large informative touch screen with, for example, Program Monitor (status info, blade info, target, program step, speed limit)
  • Blade register holds information on blade life, maintenance, and cutting times, all saved by Onboard computer from which data can be easily exported to Excel files
  • Powerful dust/water removal with integrated water tank reduces emissions and has positive effect on the cleanliness of the workplace
  • Automatically adjusting blade cover minimizes emissions (noise, dust, water)
  • Optionally available with handheld remote control. With remote control the operator is free to move performing other tasks and/or follow cutting work more precisely
  • Ergonomically designed remote control option available

FaMe System

FaMeLite Magnet Picture FaMeFlex Magnet Picture

With FaMe it is possible to furnish steel surfaces for elements of just about any shape or size and change dimensions most effectively. The system is modular - start with a limited number of components and build the system as your need grows.

  • The most efficient and flexible furnishing method for table moulds as well as for battery moulds, tilting tables or any other steel surface.
  • Particularly intended for making up to 450mm thick wall elements; facades, insulated sandwich walls, solid walls etc.
  • Ideal for short and varied series of production.
  • Ensures top quality elements via precise dimensioning, straight side profiles, precise 90-degree corners and much more.
  • Intakes and out-takes of eg. lifting hooks and reinforcing can be made freely without breaking the side moulds.
  • Flex magnets can be placed freely to any desired point.
  • Not only walls - but also beam and column precesses can utilise Elematic FaMe.